Thursday, 10 May 2007

Stop, stop, START!

Day 3Mon 07 May

High winds stop paddle, instead of going to burnham I have lunch with my granny. Oh the excitement.

Day 4
Tue 08 May

Sit on clacton beach for three hours, wait for wind to drop from force 6-8. It doesn't. Try retail therapy, buy new tent and sleeping bag. Feel much better.

Day 5
Wed 09 May

Movement!!! Winds force 3-4 westerly (headwind) BUILDING to force 8 in the afternoon. On water at 9am. Heading for West Mersea island Essex. Dst 18km.Takes 2hrs 40min. Feels great to be paddling again. Arrive before midday. Camping at Seaview Caravan Park 15min from town centre. New tent very warm even in high winds. Four pints at the White Hart Inn chatting to Colin the landlord might've helped that though. Tomorrow: predicted strong winds in the morning. Should be calm later on. Hope to make Burnham if winds drop early.

Night night!


Steve Rackley said...

Go'on my son!! Big Dan told me of your quest mate, it sounds fantastic! I'm going to rally up some old ENV troops on Facebook to sponsor you. Keep bloggin' and good luck.

All the best,

matthew said...

Hi. Put Kayak around Uk into Google and found your adventure - best of luck with it, would love to do the same one day. Can I buy you a pint when you get to Dorset? Keep Blogging and best of luck with the weather.

Samantha said...

What an amazing adventure, how did it all go?

Shame I missed you at the Seaview Camp Site I would have been there probably around the same time you arrived.