Thursday, 17 May 2007

Mersea Island

Days 6 to 8
Thu 10 to Sat 12 May

No movement, winds always high with annoying occasional drops down to 4s. Never lasted more than one hour though.

Learned a lot about my current home, a complete island it is cut off from the rest of Essex at high tide when its causeway is covered. Its Essex's version of Benidorm with caravan parks all over and nearly 600 beach huts. Also apparently has one of the highest concentrations of millionaries in the UK. It's also great for oysters which are grown in beds here.

Got chatting to the island's kite surfers on saturday - hoping for winds to drop but they never did. Looks a great sport - they move pretty fast and jump up to 30ft. Lunatics. A great bunch of lads who kindly took me out to have a few beers at Waldgraves caravan park bar, then let me sleep in their club beach hut. Bliss I have a proper roof and lighting – and I'm a little tipsy ;)

Thanks to all of the surfers that day - sadly I can't remember all their names.

Sunday 13th promises a weather window. Here goes!

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