Friday, 4 May 2007

The eve before

Well here we are, after nearly 8 months of planning and preperation we're now less than 24hrs from starting the exped. And hopefully it will be the last time i see that view of Worcester!!

Its now time for the final kit checks and minor preperation and i have to say that there are thousands of things left to finish off - from printing maps off to arranging press cover.

Slightly more worrying is the fact that the weather forecast for the next week shows a change in fortune from a stable high to a rather interesting low pressure system - Force 5-8 winds predicted around the first 2 weeks of the paddle. This could be a problem - might be a slow start!!!

Anyway time to rush - speak to you all later!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Noel from Sarah and Shaun (Plas Menai kayak improvers November 2006).

Noel Webb said...

Sarah and Shaun

Many thanks - im pushing on well as you can see.

hope you are well and that the paddling has kept improving.

how are the adventure races?