Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cliffs and castles

Days 130 to 156
Wed 12 Sep to Mon 08 Oct

Sorry for not getting on here sooner, truth is I've been a little embarrassed. If I can choose three words to sum up SE Scotland they would be WINDY, SLOW and DISAPPOINTING.

However, before I completely fast-forward I need to mention the fine people of Elie in Fife. Here Angus, Paul and Sarah (along with their mum) give me a bed to stay in and invite me to the Post-Fete committee knees-up. Last thing I remember is gin and tonics (which I hate) at 6am. Oops.

So by 29 September I've finally reached North Berwick (having gone all the way up to the Forth bridges). It's a great sigh with the volcanic plug tower of Bass Rock offshore, a large swell and sunshine.

I get a lucky break and a week (still counting) of light winds lets me shoot down the east coast. I cross back into England and pass the Holy Island (with seals) and the very impressive Bramburgh Castle.

Sadly a heavy landing has holed my main boat so the folks bring up the spare which I use for three days while an Eyemouth-based wind turbine blade manufacturer repairs the red one. Thankfully he does a cracking job!

Crossing Newcastle and the Tyne I land in Sunderland (complete with hoards of little kids - watch your valuables!) and enter Yorkshire.

Here I face a bigger swell (up to 3-4 metres), limited landing spots and high cliffs. Worse still, in Scarborough every pub seems to be a karaoke bar!

I've got less than 400km to do now and while I'm anxious to get back before the weather slides even more I really just don't want this trip to end.

Still, it would be good to get across the Wash (my last crossing) and finish with a bit of style.

Please let the good weather hold...


Brione said...

So glad to see another posting thought you had got lost! Well done on being nearly there.

Brione at the Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen, North Wales which must seem a long time ago now.

Anonymous said...

Well done Noel, been keeping an eye on the blog all the way. Derek BRC